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About No Guilty Bones



No Guilty Bones is an interactive theatre company based between Barcelona and London. We are committed to bringing great stories to life by breathing a sense of playfulness and storytelling to the simplest adventures. Working from a physical theatre, stand up comedy and clown backgrounds, No Guilty Bones create plays that are based on real people and are suitable for all audiences.

We aim to enthral our audiences with our zany sense of humour and our unique way of making the mundane come to life. We believe that audiences are an obligatory part of theatre and we actively encourage participation in any way.

If the public are interacting with us during the show, then the story will irrevocably change every night- and that is what excites us most as theatre makers. 

No Guilty Bones was set up in 2014 with co- creator Filipa Mendes, and was originally called Can Ducks Fly.  Their last three shows have toured New York, Canada, Portugal, England and Spain. No Guilty Bones are artists in residence in Els Sortidors in Barcelona, and their work is made in collaboration with their artistic support. 

Between them they speak 4 languages fluently and this multitude of styles and cultures is a large basis for the work they create together. 

Their new show is a solo show about love, interestingly enough called LoveShow. To read more about the shows No Guilty Bones have created click below

If you haven’t seen it, SEE IT!
— Onstage Ottawa
Magnificent Stage chemistry *****
— Apt 613
Hilarious clown spies *****
— New Ottawa Critics
Totally Fascinating
Utterly Hilarious, Kiva brings a raw mixture of comedy and physical humour that you cannot help laugh at. *****
— Theatre Bubble UK
Kiva and Filipa are two of the most talented, exciting and interesting performers I’ve seen in a very long time... I was thoroughly impressed