Comedy, Clowning & Stand up

Clowning in spain and Abroad

Kiva has been working in comedy for well over a decade. Having trained with clown maestros such Philippe Gaulier and Desmond Jones as well as studying in Ecole Jacques Lecoq in Paris. She has always had an interest in comedic characters and prides herself on her spontaneity and ability to work with the crowd.

Her comedy work began quite randomly when she was 18 when she started off working as a clown doctor with the Irish Humour Foundation in Dublin, visiting children in hospitals with a mixture of clowning, storytelling, puppeteering and general madness. Here she trained with John Paul Bell as well as studying in Trinity College Dublin and Gaiety Improvisation Group

This work led her to London where she worked with Finger in the Pie theatre and the Theodora Foundation once again as a clown doctor. Carrying on her clown and character training with workshops with Aitor Bassuri, Doctor Brown and Gaulier.

Whilst in London she set up Alakazam Events, an entertainment agency based in the UK providing clowns,  magicians, venue decorators and more for all  types of events in the greater London area. 

She has frequently played comedic roles such as in the recently award winning show Caballo Negro, Caballo Blanco which has a Barcelona tour in 2016. 

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Stand Up & clowning

As of 2016 Kiva has also branched out into the stand up scene. Performing her skits and character based comedy shows around Barcelona on the comedy circuit to great success. She uses the honesty and absurdity of her clowning to bring hilarious characters to life to tell stories and anecdotes that all Irish seem to be born with. You can catch her clown and stand up performances at regular nights throughout Barcelona- just check upcoming dates to catch a show.  

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