Exciting Times

3 festival in la llagostera

3 festival in la llagostera

So there have been so many exciting things happening recently that  haven’t had a moment to update anyone.  

So - three great things have happened recently: 

1- someone wrote an article about me in #metroplitan magazine  

2- I’ve tested out a 20 minute version of the show  

3- I’ve definitely decided to go the crowd funding route to finance my show  



so check it out. The lovely Donnchadh Tiernan wrote an article about me in Metropolitan magazine. Very exciting and very nice to have been asked. Also during the interview the photographer took lots of snaps of my slightly eccentric apartment that (luckily) didn’t appear in the  article. One of the photos that was used was by the very talented Iban Sarrabia of #videofotagrafiabarcelona so that was positive! It’s a great article and gave me the courage and boost I needed to carry on trucking with this show -link to article here: http://www.barcelona-metropolitan.com/features/kiva-murphy-interview/


I got to perform in the fantastic 3 festival in #la llagosta and test out a 20 minute version of my love show. I ended up going off text, interacting with the audience, bringing two wonderful people on stage to have a date together (he got down on one knee and everything) and tried out a silent clown, touching moment to the tune of Clair de lune by Debussy. It really worked. I’m delighted- nice big audience and they reacted really well to the idea, the costume and they entered into my world. Couple of things to tweak but, all in all- happy days. Oh the right track 



grants, arts council and artists in residence.  

So in the last 2 months I’ve applied for culture in ireland grants, irish arts council and three separate bursaries in barcelona. The first three have all replied saying that I do not quite fit in the category so now to plan b- crowd funding. It does feel a bit like begging from your friends and family which I don’t like. But that is the sign of the times right now. Budgets are stretched and hopefully people can spare £5 to help get me to Edinburgh.  


P.s think I’m going to apply to the Brighton Fringe as well. Watch this space  

Wonderful shoot with video fotagrafia barcelona