Orange is the new... Dinner?

so here goes nothing

I am starting to devise a new show with the very beautiful Isabel. 

The show is about two sisters preparing a dinner party- problem is that they are clowns so everything that COULD go wrong, DOES go wrong. 

Obviously, no one shows up at the party but these two siblings are so caught up in trying to make the party perfect that they don't realise for a while that they are on the way to a total disaster of an evening. 

Slapstick, clown and audience interactions, the best kind of show for a night out...

although it will make you never want to host a dinner party again, or perhaps just not invite this troublesome pair.

we started making the show yesterday so watch out for it on here and on twitter @kivajmurphy in the next couple of weeks- plan is to get it on it's feet before the end of March! 

orange you glad to see me? 

orange you glad to see me?