I sent my soul to Arts Council Ireland. 

will you go out with me.jpg

All sent, now I just lie in wait, fingers crossed. 

I've filed my application and bloody hell there was a lot to write, a lot to think about and a lot of numbers to get together. 

Here are some extracts from what I sent out tot hem. Mainly a synopsis and why I thought my show was elegible for a grant. I asked for 8,000 euro... so not too greedy and literally it is just to cover my costs to make the show, promote it and head to Edinburgh and perform it. 

I am making an interactive clown show exploring the different ways we try to find love; from Jane Austin to Tinder.
Marriage Bureaus, Lisdoonvarna, 80’s video dating and blind dates, I want to put these traditions on stage, having the audience join me to recreate the moment when true love strikes.

Writing this application really made me think about my ego- I'm sick of talking about my own ideas. 

want to go out with me?.jpg
Love is a universal theme and exploring it through the eyes of the innocent, playful and vulnerable clown we see how fragile we are whist looking for a partner.

I will ask the audience to share their love stories before the show and work these into the piece as post WWI Lonely hearts ads, I will bring two members of the public on stage to re enact a first date using the strict rules of 50’s decorum, I will play speed dating with the entire public and I will record live onstage an 80’s dating video tape with use of camcorder, pocket projector and selfie sticks.

This is a show unlike any other, exploring the traditions and rules that Ireland, France and the UK created in terms of love . Through the use of object manipulation of chess pieces I will tell how my parents met in 1977’s post Franco, free loving Spain and we will can all believe that true love really does exist.

To take my mind off so many figures and talking about myself, I decided to do a photoshoot with the wonderful Iban Sarabia http://videofotografia.barcelona/ and then spend hours looking at photos of myself- bloody ego really gets tested when it comes to making a solo show... I am a bit sick of my own face right now... but for those that are not, here are two of my favourites from the shoot last week in the Labyrinth d'Horta in the north of Barcelona. ( a cracking place for people who have not yet been there, 2 euro in and the place is huge.

And yes, I got lost in the labyrinth.