1 year to get a hit clown show at the Edinburgh Fringe

So here goes, a one year challenge:

To get a solo clown/ stand up show from concept all the way to Edinburgh in August 2018. 

When I hear the words solo show I conjure up an image of a painful, self serving show with a person dancing around in skimpy outfits and “feeling” everything too deeply. This is NOT the show I am making. Mainly cause I don’t want to wear skimpy outfits (and again the cringing) 

No, I am going to make a clown show about love.

Classic right? 

I have a vague idea, no title, no money, no director, and not really a huge idea of how to produce a solo show in the mammoth festival that is Edinburgh. But this is the challenge I have set myself. 

Risks (most of which I wont even have thought of yet) 

1) It might be totally sh*t and not work

2) I am doing it alone and I get very distracted by Netflix

3) Never done this before, I like clowning with other people… no one will tell me if my feet smell in the rehearsal room

4) Someone might steal my amazing show idea and take it for themselves and then I will have to go watch that show and be annoyed at how wonderfully they did it.


Possible good outcomes- ever the optimist

1) Lots of people will laugh at me

2) By Posting this all online I will learn discipline and be able to cancel my Netflix subscription

3) By documenting the ups and downs of my journey for the next year I will help someone else making their show and Penguin will want to publish my book  “How Kiva made Clowns Cool” 

4) Extra cash to buy fish and chips in Edinburgh during the festival- obviously 


So here goes

Day 1.