Money, money, money

So to make a show you need money-

Although not a huge amount.

I don't expect to be making a fortune- (which is a shame but that is a different issue and one that we can talk about another time) but it would be nice to create a show and take it to a festival without ending up £5,000 in debt *been there, done that.. didn't buy the t-shirt.

So there are a couple of revenue streams that I can look at

The arts council Ireland


(Only as I am based in Dublin) the deadline is the 17th of august in 9 days so I got to get my skates on. They require a full budget, synopsis of the show, cv for everyone involved, awards, reviews and details of previous work, reasons why this show is elegible for a grant and a description of where, when and how you are going to create and or perform the show.

So that's good. I can do that this week. A lot of work and slightly hard to describe a show that does not yet exist but all good.

Culture Ireland


An alternative grant scheme is Culture Ireland. That is great if I want to take my show (with a link to irish culture/ history/ music etc) elsewhere in the world. The deadline is 14th October- I'll do that too. 



Third idea is kickstarter or other such cloud fundraising bodies. Basically I need to try and tap into my friends and family and some other rich folks who would like to help endorsing the arts. I make a video/ synopsis and post it online with a goal to be reached. E.g £1,000 within a certain parameter of time. If you reach the goal you get the money... but if you're greedy and asked the world for too much you get nothing. Kick starter do take a percentage but it can be a good way to get your name out there and let people know what you are up to. generally you offer something back to your benefactors, varying from free tickets to an entire sponsorship package.

I'll do that too.

I think being realistic I need £2,000 to make and create the show: rehearsals, research and development time, props, set, costume etc. 

Then I will need £5,000 to take the show to Edinburgh, to pay the venue, promotional material, promoter perhaps, stage manager/ tech and renting for 3 weeks in Edinburgh. 

So i will need £7,000 and with that I'm personally not making a penny *but obviously I'm going to have a hit show so no worries right!