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Teaching + Directing

Kiva was a founding member of The Modestos, a long form improvisation company based in Barcelona. She performed and trained with this ground breaking Improvisational Troupe and this inspired her to take a variety of incredible wokrshops in Long Form, Short Form and Free Form Improvisation techniques. She has taken workshops with world renowned teachers such as Fabio Maccioni, Omar Galvan, Jason Geary, Dan Seyfried, Gael Perry, Frank Buzz, Noah Levin, and Neil Curran. She has taken all of these skills and mixed them all up together to becomes a fantastic teacher, director and coach.


Kiva teaches two weekly improvisation courses with Barcelona Improv Group in Spain. She teaches a mixture between foundation level improv, character workshops and Art of The Stage, using Improv skills to learn how to have presence on stage and how to use the space. She is currently developing a clown improvisation workshop at the moment that should be ready for students in the summer. For more information on the courses she is teaching click here: https://www.barcelonaimprovgroup.com/kiva

Kiva uses the physical theatre skills she learnt in her training in Jacques Lecoq to teach her students to enjoy being on stage and to always find the game whilst being aware of the space and the other players on stage. We love to see people discovering things on stage so we shouldn’t be afraid of messing up.

BUSINESS IMPROV: (also known as Applied Improv)

Applied Improv is literally exactly what it sounds like- it is using the techniques and principles of improvisation and applying them to the work place. Kiva teaches workshops for business, she uses the skills of improvisation to help people improve their public speaking, problem solving… to find out more information please contact her on how she can make a bespoke workshop for you and your business.

Bring some humour into your office with clown and playfulness! Kiva and her team bring their many years of clown expertise into your workplace in both Spain and London. Kiva has years of training in performing, public speaking, improvisation and dealing with tricky situations in the most fun way possible. She will work on communication skills, body language, and use of play to add harmony, improve confidence, take smart risks, and overcome failures. Her workshops are completely bespoke start to finish.

Spring into 2019 in style and add some laughter to your workplace.



Kiva can also be harried as a private coach for improv teams. She can create a personalised workshop to help your team in a variety of topics such as cohesion, thinking fast, use of objects, bring in playfulness, getting rid of the fear of rejection, believing in your ideas. If you would like Kiva to come and coach your team just contact her here.


Kiva uses her skills in physical theatre, comedy and improvisation to have a quick eye for direction. These skills help to her trust her instinct and make decisions in the moment.

Kiva co- directed the feature length film JEN with Julian Adler and Team TV productions.

Kiva directed a Play in a Day performance in Jan 2018 in Espai Jove in Barcelona to great success and is now set to collaborate with the writer on a future improvisation project. 

In 2016 & 2017 Kiva directed two cabaret pieces: 'Aurora' and 'Amalia' in 2017  which are currently touring the cabaret circuit in Lisbon, Portugal.

Kiva co- directed Caballo Blanco, Caballo Negro before it's award winning tour of Barcelona in 2015.


Kiva Set up  No Guilty Bones Theatre in Barcelona in 2015 and since then they have toured internationally. Click here to see more about No Guilty Bones Theatre, their latest projects and what they have going on in 2019.