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Kiva has been working as a professional actress for over 15 years and travels around the globe filming fantastic projects and performing her award winning comedy shows. That sounds like she has a lot of ego.. she doesn’t, in fact she is writing this herself and feeling rather awkward about it. She got the acting bug in the Gaiety School of Acting in Dublin as a teenager before she moved to London to train and work with some amazing people, learning how to perform in front of a lens as well as in front of a live audience.

She carried on Training in London with Desmond Jones before moving to Paris to study in prestigious Jacques Lecoq school; it was everything you can imagine a physical theatre and clown school in Paris would be; hard, intense and inspiring. After finishing the pedagogy she moved to Barcelona where she set up her theatre company No Guilty Bones Theatre ( formerly known as Can Ducks Fly) and hasn’t looked back since.

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To hear about what Kiva is up to, click here to read the blog. Kiva performs regularly on the stand-up and improv theatre circuit and is currently in 3 teams based out of Barcelona. She recently filmed the role of Ruth in the feature length movie ‘Los Europeos’ directed by Goya award winning Víctor García León that will be hitting screens in the autumn of 2019. In August 2019 she is going to shoot an amazing project with award winning director Oriol Cardus- watch this space!

Her newest project is a duo clown show called Gladys and Mabel, their dedut performance will be at the prestigious Riu Estiu Comedy Festival in Poble Espanyol.

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Kiva’s Curriculum and Acting CV

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